Types of Marinas

There are essentially three types of marinas: Ocean Class, Coastal Class, Yacht Stations

Ocean Class

The Ocean Class marina is a full-service marina, probably of 250 berths or more, with yacht club, boatyard for repairs and maintenance, fuel supplies, and adequate space for storing boats ashore. As the name suggests, this type of marina will normally be located on the coast or within a major river estuary. It will often form part of a larger real estate development with apartments, hotel, sports facilities, shopping centre etc.

Coastal Class

The Coastal Class marina offers fewer facilities and is likely to be found occupying part of a fishing harbour, or within a river estuary.

Yacht Station

The Yachting Station is a form of mini-marina. It provides safe short-term berthing with water and electricity, but few other facilities. Ideally, yachting stations are located at closely spaced intervals along the coastline in order to facilitate cruising and nautical tourism.