Why do I need a marina consultant?

For much the same reasons as your projects would need an accountant, architect, consulting engineer, lawyer or realtor. Each has his own experience and know-how to contribute, and the marina consultant is a vital member of that team.

Why should I consider building a marina?

If the location is suitable then a marina can be a profitable investment. If your project is mainly landside real-estate then a marina can add substantial sales value to those properties.

But India has few if any marinas!

This is precisely why we are Trailblazing Marinas & Waterfronts in India! With a population that is much larger than that of the EU and North America combined, you may be sure that there is an enormous latent demand for boat ownership. But No Marinas = No Yachts, because it makes little sense to buy a yacht if you have nowhere to keep it.

What do you mean by urban waterfront regeneration?

This refers to the concept of derelict or under-utilised waterfront land being put to productive use. Many large towns and cities have waterfront land that is not being used efficiently as a consequence of changes in industry and shipping over the past half century. Regeneration is the process by which this land is re-developed according to a master-plan to provide a mix of commercial, residential, cultural and recreational uses. There are examples of this from all over the world.

Why should I engage you rather than other Indian consultants?

Because our team has real and demonstrable international experience when compared to certain other parties who seek to operate in this field. Furthermore, because we will always be interested to manage or lease the completed marina you can be confident that the advice we give will be the best.