We offer marina and maritime engineering design skills drawn from the practical experience that the mainstream engineering firms rarely possess. This technical input combines with our commercial and operational know-how to achieve the most profitable result.

On mixed-use projects we will respect the ‘wider picture’, working closely with the client’s professional team to find the best solution for the project as a whole.

Our in-house experience ranges across 38 countries, covering conventional marinas, marinas within urban regenerations, marinas on mega-projects, and almost every type in-between.

Marina management will be guided by the industry’s leading resource:

Depending on the project our scope of work will include some of all of the following items:

Market Overview & Research

  • General advantages and disadvantages of the location.
  • Boat ownership trends; charter, youth training and similar nautical activities.
  • The potential for super-yachts.
  • Marina pricing trends.
  • The potential for urban waterfront regeneration.
  • The potential for waterside real-estate development.
  • The potential for attracting national and international events.

Engineering and Environmental

  • Meteorological and tidal conditions.
  • Geophysical & hydrographic surveys.
  • Sediment transport models.
  • Capital and maintenance dredging.
  • Fixed and floating breakwaters.
  • Wave models.
  • Quay walls and edge treatment.
  • Water quality.
  • Impounding installations (e.g. cills, flapgates, locks).
  • Environmental impact studies (EIAs).


  • Aesthetic and design considerations.
  • The marina capitainerie.
  • Service structures & equipment.
  • Commercial and residential development.

Yacht Services

  • Main utility supplies.
  • Waste disposal.
  • Storage.
  • Security and communications.
  • Car parking.
  • Commercial/retail units.

Berthing Installations

  • Main aesthetic, design and operational considerations.
  • Pontoon and jetty systems.
  • Piled trots & line-mooring systems.
  • Berth utilities.
  • Access ramps, security and entrance gates.
  • Superyacht moorings.
  • Navigation aids.


  • Boat hoisting and handling equipment.
  • Boat storage and dry-berthing.
  • Equipment and repair facilities.
  • Fuel supply.
  • Scrub-off berth and slipway.

Marina-Related Legal

  • Concessions, leases and franchises.
  • Berthing contracts.
  • Health & safety.
  • Marina Rules.
  • Sale of berths on a long-term basis.
  • Options for operation and management.


  • The Marina Manual (administration guidelines & systems).
  • Employment, training and staffing.
  • Management accounting formats.
  • Computer software.
  • Tariff structures.
  • Health and safety audit.
  • Quality of service audit.

Financial and Procurement

  • 10-year financial projections.
  • Financing options.
  • Presentations to potential investors.
  • Preparation of contract documents for the procurement of equipment, materials and services.

Relationships with Third Parties

  • The physical and operational relationship between the marina and adjoining real-estate.
  • How best to develop and operate the marina in order maximise the value of the whole project.
  • Dealing with the concerns and objections of local fisherman and other stakeholders.

Sales, Marketing & PR

  • Advertising.
  • Boat shows & other events.
  • PR & press visits.
  • Editorial.
  • Origination of marketing materials.

Other Maritime Activities

  • Passenger ferry services.
  • Fast boats.
  • Hovercraft.
  • Workboats.
  • Dredging.
  • Repair & maintenance of maritime structures.